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Thursday, December 31, 2009

(ANS) Autonomic Effects on Various Organs of the Body

Autonomic Effects on Various Organs of the Body
Organ Effect of Sympathetic Stimulation Effect of Parasympathetic Stimulation
Pupil Dilated Constricted
Ciliary muscle Slight relaxation (far vision) Constricted (near vision)
Glands Vasoconstriction and slight secretion Stimulation of copious secretion (containing many enzymes for Nasal enzyme-secreting glands)
Sweat glands Copious sweating (cholinergic) Sweating on palms of hands
Apocrine glands Thick, odoriferous secretion None
Blood vessels Most often constricted Most often little or no effect
Muscle Increased rate Slowed rate
Increased force of contraction Decreased force of contraction(especially of atria)
Coronaries Dilated (b2); constricted (a) Dilated
Bronchi Dilated Constricted
Blood vessels Mildly constricted ?Dilated
Lumen Decreased peristalsis and tone Increased peristalsis and tone
Sphincter Increased tone (most times) Relaxed (most times)
Liver Glucose released Slight glycogen synthesis
Gallbladder and bile ducts Relaxed Contracted
Kidney Decreased output and renin secretion None
Detrusor Relaxed (slight) Contracted
Trigone Contracted Relaxed
Penis Ejaculation Erection
Systemic arterioles
Abdominal viscera Constricted None
Muscle Constricted (adrenergic a) None
Dilated (adrenergic b2)
Dilated (cholinergic)
Skin Constricted None
Coagulation Increased None
Glucose Increased None
Lipids Increased None
Basal metabolism Increased up to 100% None
Adrenal medullary secretion Increased None
Mental activity Increased None
Piloerector muscles Contracted None
Skeletal muscle Increased glycogenolysis None
Increased strength
Fat cells Lipolysis None

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