Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skull Anatomy

Axial Bones :

Ethmoid Bone :

Sphenoid Bone :

Temporal Bone:

Facial cranium :

Inferior nasal bone and palatine bone :


Mandible :

Hyoid Bone :

The superior aspect of skull:

The posterior aspect of skull:

The internal surface of the base of skull:

Anterior and Middle Cranial fossa

Posterior cranial fossa:

The external surface of the base of skull:

Lateral view of skull:

Bone nasal cavity :

Paranasal Sinuses :

1)Frontal Sinus :deep to the superciliary arch, opens into the middle nasal meatua of the nasal cavity.

2)Ethmoidal Sinuses :anterior and middle groups open into
the middle nasal meatus of the nasal cavity

3)Sphennoidal Sinus :in the body of the sphenoid bone, opens into the sphenoethmoidal recess

4)Maxillary Sinus:in the body of the maxillae, opens into the middle nasal cavity.

Skull at birth and Change after birth


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