Friday, August 3, 2012

Gene Regulation

Regulation of prokaryotic gene expression

Transcriptional control of prokaryotic can be done by:

a. Regulation by activator and repressor proteins in the lactose operon

b.  Attenuation control in the histidine operon

The Lactose Operon( Lac operon)

The Histidine Operon

Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression

Stimulation of transcription by enhancer and its ass. TF

Transcription Factors

General Transcription Factors
Common to most genes.
TFIID must bind to TATA box before RNA polymerase can bind.
Other e.g: SP-1

Specific Transcription Factors
Binds to enhancer regions, or in a few cases to silencers and modulate the formation of initiation complex, thus regulating rate of initiation of transcription.
E.g: Steroid receptors
       CREB proteins


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