Thursday, December 6, 2012


Cholecystoses are chronic inflammatory conditions of the gallbladder with cholesterol deposits.

Types :

1)Cholesterosis (Strawberry Gallbladder)
Aggregations of cholesterol crystals in the mucosa or submucosa

2)Cholesterol polyposis (Gallbladder polyp)
Cholesterol laden polypoid projections in the mucosa

3)Cholecystitis  glandularis proliferans
Granulomatous thickening and hyperplasia of the gallbladder.

4)Diverticulosis of the gallbladder
Diverticula formation in the wall of the gallbladder

5)Gallbladder wall fistula

Strawberry gallbladder
Cholesterol polyposis (Gallbladder polyp)

Cholecystitis  glandularis proliferans

Clinical features

Features of cholecystitis like positive Murphy’s sign, dyspepsia.


  • USG abdomen
  • OCG
  • Isotope study


  • Cholecystectomy


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